Chroniques de Zacharias Tanee Fomum

Do You Know Who You Are to God?

Anyone who does not know these things is playing the simpleton. Why? He would not know what is forbidden to someone of a certain level and rank. He does not know what he must not own, even though others own them. He does not know where he must not go even though others go there, etc. Because of the critical place that we have in God’s heart, lack of the critical nature of the appointment received, makes people play the laws of the ordinary and the consequences are tragic beyond all that we can say. If you do not know who you are to God, you may not know what to protect and the birds of the air will come and snatch it. If you do not know, you may consider the demands of God too high. If you do not know who you are o God, you may not know why He should punish you for the slightest error, while others do the same thing and nothing happens to them. Those who know these things go with one’s walk with God become meticulous in protecting their walk with God.

ZTF, Church planting strategies P113-114


Ce livre je l'ai lu en anglais. d'habitude je ne lis pas les livres en anglais parce que je suis d'expression française et j'aime saisir à 100% le message d'un livre que je lis. Mais avec ce livre je n'ai pas pu résister. On rencontre Dieu dans chaque lettre de chaque mot, de chaque phrase, de chaque paragraphe et page de ce livre. C'est énorme coup de cœur. l'extrait ci dessus m'a permis de m'arrêter pour chercher à savoir: QUI JE SUIS POUR DIEU. Et cela a fondamentalement changé ma vie.

 Lis le et surtout Stay Blessed. 


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