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What is the Church ?


The church is the body of Christ; it does what the head decides. Jesus is the head; the church is the body. It is to furnish a working instrument for what the head decides. The head is Christ; the church is the body. The body does what the head decides. The body exists to live out the life that the head decides.

When leaders say that the church cannot be committed to the mission of Christ, they have killed it. It is no longer the body. The church is the bride of Christ. The vocation of every bride is to be a help-meet for the bridegroom. If the church dissociates from mission, they shall cease to be the bride of Christ. The mission of Christ is known; the Son of man came to seek and to save what was lost. When leaders turn the church from our mission, they have stolen something from Jesus, they are enemies of Christ, they are antichrist. When leaders tell the church to do their will instead of the will of God, they are trying to take the place of Jesus. Many leaders are inventing many activities to steal the church from Jesus. The church is the bride; she must help her bridegroom in His Mission. We know His mission; the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost.

The church is the house of God, and Jesus is building that house. Every believer is a living stone, if any leader stands in the way of the church’s involvement with missions, then it has decided that the house of Jesus will never be completed; that Jesus should come and live in an incomplete house without enough living stones. What are you doing to Jesus’ house? And there are many incomplete houses that we call churches.

The church is the flock of God; and Jesus said I have other flocks that are not here; they too I must bring in.

The church is the hospital of the gospel. Every broken life should come to church; it is God’s rehabilitation center for the rehabilitation of shattered lives. It is God’s garage to repair broken gospel vehicles. The church is the gospel hotel. That is where the Good Samaritan carries those who have been rescued by God. Carry them to the hotel so that they can be cared for, nourished, raised, rehabilitated. Make them useful. Every evangelist must carry the rescued souls to the church; that is where the evangelist ends. The evangelist’s work finishes when the rescued soul is entrusted to the innkeeper called the pastor.  That is the work of the evangelist. The church, the fountainhead of the gospel. The church, the bank of the gospel. The church, the hospital of the gospel, the rehabilitation center, garage and hotel of the gospel. The church must make sure the gospel goes.

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